A typical day at Green Field House

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Obviously looking at the big picture of what happened at GFH it was horrific in the extreme! Having said that children are such resilient beings they have the ability to bounce! But of course the long term psychological and mental health issues are where the real damage of child abuse is seen. I am told that around 80% of men in prison have been victims of abuse as children.

6.00 am: A boy would be woken to make Donald Prescott the warden a pot of tea. The boy would take the tea to Prescott’s bedroom where he would be invited to get in bed with Prescott to be abused, while Mrs Prescott pretended to be asleep in a bed the other side of the very large room. My day for making the tea was Sunday. It is only after the 2010 trial that I realised this was the daily routine with different boys making the tea on different days.

7.00 am: All of the boys would get up and have to run downstairs to the wash room. Prescott would stand outside the wash room, and make the odd boy touch him, if you were unlucky Prescott would take you into his office next to the washroom.

7.30 am: Breakfast which consisted of cereals. There were twelve boys at GFH six would sit on one side of the table and six the other side whilst Prescott and his wife sat at either end. Prescott would say; “Say grace” and the boys with their hands together would bow their heads and say; “May the Lord make us truly thankful for what we are about to receive.”

8.30 am: If Prescott had no official appointments inevitably one boy would be held back and Prescott would take the rest of us to school in his land rover.

9.30 am: Prescott would return to GFH and at some stage of the day the separated boy would be given some sort of treat to make him feel special, and would be abused by Prescott.

4.00 pm: All boys arrive back to GFH from school.

5.00 pm: Tea a disgusting plate of lumpy mashed potato with a slice of corned beef or spam in a warm lumpy gravy with stale bread. Looking back it is clear that Prescott kept most of the council’s food budget for himself.

6.00 pm: One or two evenings a week Gilbart-Smith, Ted Burkett, Clive Bristow, Michael Moore or other men might arrive and play tennis or snooker with the boys. At some stage a boy or boys would disappear as would the men.

8.00 pm: Prescott might ask a boy to run him a foam bath and abuse would take place.

9.00 pm: The younger boys would go to bed, where Prescott would visit them and groom them.

10.00 pm: The older boys would go to bed. One or two of the older boys would stay down and be raped by the men or by an older boy whilst Prescott Gilbart-Smith and the others watched.

At weekends numerous men including Clemence Prescott, Ted Burkett, Gilbart-Smith, Michael Moore who was introduced to the home by Gilbart-Smith would converge on the home.

The child abuse took place every day 7 days a wek!

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