At the 2010 trial Gilbart-Smith called all of his family as character witnesses, thus preventing them from hearing the case of both the prosecution evidence and his totally ludicrous defence nonsense.


Gilbart-Smith’s family and church friends would have known, for example that his first car was a ‘bubble car’.  Gilbart-Smith gave the bubble car to Willy Walters who later became one of Gilbart-Smiths blackmailers, Walters lied to Reading Crown Court  saying: “I had little to do with the posh man. “ The following morning after committing perjury protecting Gilbart-Smith, Walters was dead. Walters died in exactly the same was as Gilbart-Smiths two other blackmailers.

Did Gilbart-Smith tell his wife family or church friends that his first car was a bubble car?


In 2007 Gilbart-Smith paid Maidenhead Council over £1M to hide his paedophile activities.

Were the Gilbart-Smith family aware that the Gilbart-Smith paid over a million pounds to Maidenhead Council?


In Gilbart-Smiths 1967 diary it said that he was meeting Gwen in Reading. Gwen was the name of one of the female paedophiles. Gilbart-Smith told the court that this was his aunt Gwen.

Did Gilbart-Smith have an aunt Gwen?


One of the boys from the children’s home told the court that in 1967 he was raped and abused by Gilbart-Smith when  Gilbart-Smith took him out for a drive in a Consul. Gilbart-Smith told the court that he never owned or had access to a Consul car, even though “Consul car” was written in his 1967 diary.

Do either of the Gilbart-Smith brothers remember a Consul car? Did their father own a Consul car?


Gilbart-Smith told the court that he had never been to Bracklesham Bay where one of the rapes took place. Bracklesham Bay was just a few miles from Elmer Sands where Gilbart-Smiths grandfather had a holiday home.

Who owned the Bracklesham Bay holiday home?
Did the Gilbart-Smith family go to Bracklesham Bay?
Do the Gilbart-Smith brothers remember a connection in Bracklesham Bay?