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Gilbart-Smith called all of his family as character witnesses, thus preventing them from hearing the case of both the prosecution evidence and his defence nonsense in the 2010 trial.

Gilbart-Smith’s family and church friends would have known, for example that his first car was a ‘bubble car’.  Gilbart-Smith gave the bubble car to Willy Walters who later became one of Gilbart-Smiths blackmailers, Walters told Reading Crown Court that “he had little to do with the posh man. “

Did Gilbart-Smith tell his wife family or church friends that his first car was a bubble car?

Gilbart-Smith claimed in court that he became a Christian at the 1967 Billy Graham crusade, but he was raping Green Field House kids until 1970.
Did Gilbart-Smith give a different account to his family and churchy friends concerning his so called; “Christian conversion”?

In 2007 Gilbart-Smith paid Maidenhead Council a huge sum of money to hide his paedophile activities.
Were the Gilbart-Smith family aware that the Gilbart-Smith paid over a million pounds to Maidenhead Council?

In Gilbart-Smiths 1967 diary it said that he was meeting Gwen in Reading. Gwen was the name of one of the female paedophiles. Gilbart-Smith told the court that this was his aunt Gwen.
Did Gilbart-Smith have an aunt Gwen?
If yes would she have met him at Reading?

One of the boys from the children’s home told the court that in 1967 he was raped and abused by Gilbart-Smith when  Gilbart-Smith took him out in a Consul. Gilbart-Smith told the court that he never owned or had access to a Consul car, even though “Consul car” was written in his 1967 diary.
Do either of the Gilbart-Smith brothers remember a Consul car? Did their father own a Consul car?

Gilbart-Smith told the court that he had never been to Bracklesham Bay where one of the rapes took place. Bracklesham Bay was just a few miles from Elmer Sands where Gilbart-Smiths grandfather had a holiday home.
Who owned the Bracklesham Bay holiday home?
Did the Gilbart-Smith family go to Bracklesham Bay?
Do the Gilbart-Smith brothers remember a connection in Bracklesham Bay?

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