Mr Gilbart-Smith is this your life?

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Denham Gilbart-Smith you were born in 1947 and from the age of six you went to Great Walstead School in Sussex, then a public school in Dublin where you state that there was homosexual activity in the school but you weren’t involved. After leaving school you lived with your family in London and at the age of seventeen you went to work at your father’s insurance business in the City.

In 1964 you moved from London to Maidenhead. At St Mary’s church you met a nest of paedophiles namely; Donald Prescott, who was the psychopathic warden of Green Field house children’s home Maidenhead. Other paedophiles you went to church or associated with were Clemence Prescott, Ted Burkett, Tony Knott, Clive Bristow who died of aids, Michael Moore (insurance broker aged late 60’s 70’s) to name a few.

In 1967 you claim to have committed your life to Christ at a Billy Graham crusade in London but also during the period 1966-1970 you visited Green Field House where you raped and abused at least 12 boys as young as nine. During this time you were photographed by *Tony Knott naked performing sexual acts with Robert A.

*Tony Knott is a convicted paedophile photographer

In 1970 you stopped visiting the children’s home. Also in December of 1970 your father Oliver, was shown your blackmail photos he responded by paying Prescott a large sum of cash for the photos. In turn with the Gilbart-Smith cash Prescott bribed a DC Carstairs to. (alive and living nr Bracknell 2008) However, unfortunately for you, the Green Field House saga didn’t end there and the blackmailers would come back to haunt you throughout your adult life time and time again!

Denham Gilbart-Smith you met your fifteen year old wife to be Lesley, whilst you were a church youth group leader in your late twenties and for the next few years you attended David Pawson’s church in Guildford whilst doing remarkably well in the city making many millions. You had four children which you named after bible characters; Adam, Matthew, Luke and Ruth.

Sometime later you became a leader in the River Church Maidenhead until you were eventually excommunicated for inappropriate sexual relationships with church members, this came to light after a five year affair with Julie B was exposed.

In 1986 you retired at the age of 40 to become a named Lloyd’s investor? At the same time as your retirement the blackmailing stopped when you had Prescott assassinated.

After Prescotts demise, Burkett another paedophile in his 50’s started to blackmail you but like Prescott, you had Burkett assassinated.

Denham your retirement years were fruitful going to different countries to tell people about God, teaching the bible and sharing your so called; “Christian” faith. That is until you were arrested on 2nd August 2001 and charged with raping two boys from Green Field House. However, the charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence.

In 2006 Maidenhead council started to settle compensation claims to your rape victims. In turn Maidenhead council sued you and you settled out of court paying them over one million pounds.

In 2008 on 1st July you were again arrested and charged with 17 counts of raping 8 boys as young as 9. Your six week trial started on the Monday 17th May 2010. On Wednesday 19th of May Walters told the court that “I had little to do with the posh man” This was clearly a lie as you gave Walters your bubble car when you aquired your green MG reg KMO 124B on your 21st birthday.





Walters an ex Green Field House resident abused boys with you and later helped Burkett in his blackmail plot against you. After you murdered Burkett you paid off Walters who had recently came out of Wandsworth prison penniless. Walters then purchased three properties and started a scaffolding business.

Walters was only one man left alive who knew the true story of your involvement and subsequent blackmail plots. On Wednesday 19th May Walters lied to the court saying that he had very little to do with you. Walters finished giving evidence Thursday lunchtime and was murdered on your instructions the following morning.

Denham Gilbrt-Smith on Wednesday 16th June you bribed three members of the jury and on the Wednesday 23rdJune by a majority the jury returned not guilty verdicts. Had Walters lived to hear the not guilty verdicts he would have been forced to tell the truth concerning your criminal & peadophile activities by myself and others! This was the reason you murdered Walters in the same way as you murdered the other two blackmailers.

As soon as the trial was over terrified that your past would come back to haunt you, you left your children and grandchildren to become a resident of Northern Cyprus a Muslim country that has no extradition treaty with the UK.

You can run but you can’t hide! Denham Gilbart-Smith, is this your life?

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