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A gripping true story about a nest of paedophiles that met at St Mary Magdelane Church Maidenhead in the 1960’s, then operated from Greenfield House a local council run children’s home. In 1970 Maidenhead Council tried to hide the scandal when Detective Carstair’s the lead police investigator was bribed, then over the years as the paedophiles betrayed each other, millions of pounds would change hands in blackmail demands. Eventually three of the paedophile blackmailers were murdered by the fourth, Denham Gilbart-Smith. At the time of the first murder Gilbart-Smith was the pastor at River Church Maidenhead ( and was also a wealthy investor at Lloyd’s of London.

After paying the council in Theresa Mays constituency over £1,000,000 hush money in 2008, Gilbart-Smith stood trial at Reading Crown Court in 2010 accused of seventeen charges of rape and abuse on eight of the Greenfield House boys .

To escape prison true to his modus operandi, Gilbart-Smith bribed jury members to return not guilty verdicts in direct contradiction to the overwhelming evidence. Immediately after the corrupt verdicts were returned, Gilbart-Smith deserted his children and grandchildren to live in Northern Cyprus and Vietnam, countries that have no extradition treaty with the UK.

Does the story end in 2018 or is there another chapter to be written??????

Film of Gilbart-Smiths trial: 

Green Field House was a children’s home that catered for twelve or thirteen boys and was located in Ray Park Road, Maidenhead Berkshire. In 1964 the new superintendent and matron were Donald and Doris Prescott. Prior to this position, the Prescott’s worked at a children’s home in Ongar, Essex, it was at the home in Ongar that Donald Prescott groomed and raped a young boy named Willy Walters.

In 1966 Walters left the Ongar care home, on discovering this Prescott visited Walters’ parents in South London. Walter’s parents told Prescott that young Willy was out of control and always in trouble. Prescott said he could find a place for Willy at Green Field House and assured the parents that he could straighten out young Willy’s behaviour and so it was that Willy Walters became a resident at Green Field House.

Another paedophile called Ted Burkett (Arthur Cecil Burkett) had become friendly with the Walters family, so, when Willy became a resident of Green Field house aged fifteen, Burkett and Prescott met.

Under Prescott’s instruction Walters would rape the younger boys. When Walters left school, Prescott got him a job and arranged with the social worker for Walter’s to stay on at Green Field House as a lodger and pay rent.

One of the younger boys Walters would rape was Eddy Allan (deceased suicide age 23 after sexually abusing his niece and nephew). Prescott arranged for Eddy Allan and Willy Walters to be photographed participating in sexual acts.


The identity of Walters was hidden in the photo’s, the story was these photo’s would be sold to other paedophiles. However, the main purpose of the Allan & Walters photos, was for Prescott to set up a blackmail sting and snare Denham Gilbart-Smith, a young smuck from a wealthy family, whom Prescott had met at St Mary Magdalene Church Bridge Road Maidenhead.

The Walters and Allan photo shoot took place at Tony Knotts Reading studio (30 Minster Street RG1 2JF). Knott was arrested in August 1967 and jailed for 18 months in March 1968 for possessing indecent images, (quite possibly the Walters & Allan photo set) but the police never made the connection with the Green Field House children’s home at that time.

For reasons not yet understood Knott was not involved in the 2010 trial. Neither to the best of our knowledge was Knott part of that police investigation.

(centre) Tony Knott 66  of Florida Court Bath Road Reading RG1 6NX

Photo taken in 2008 with Knott’s boyfriend Mudasir Sharif

In 1967 after Gilbart-Smith was already raping Green Field House boys, Prescott further weaved Gilbart-Smith into the paedophile ring, by getting the Gilbart-Smith to register with the council as a *”helper” at the home.  From this point on Gilbart-Smith would be forever officially connected to the paedophile ring.

*(see the council records)

Prescott then took it a stage further grooming Gilbart-Smith with the Walters and Allan indecent images, encouraging Gilbart-Smith to have his own indecent photo shoot with his identity hidden.

Amazingly, without smelling a rat, 20 year old Gullible-Gilbart took the bait and got hooked! Early in 1967 Knott photographed a young boy Robert A and Gilbart-Smith in sexual acts at his Reading studio. However, Knott acting under Prescott’s instructions, fully included Gilbart-Smiths identity in the photo’s.

In 1970 when the police investigated the child abuse at Green Field House, Prescott presented the photos to Denham Gilbart-Smiths father, *Oliver Gilbart-Smith saying; “If I go down im’e taking your son with me”.

*Oliver & Doris Gilbart-Smith were heavily involved in bringing Billy Graham to the UK in the 60’s. It is rumoured that Doris paid for the hire of the Victoria & Albert Hall for one of Mr Grahams meetings.

To protect the precious Gilbart-Smith family name, Oliver Gilbart-Smith paid Prescott a large sum of cash for the photos, in turn Prescott paid off the lead detective a DC Carstairs. Carstairs interviewed the older kids who were trying to stand up for themselves with statements like this, QUOTE;

“Are you telling me he put his cock up your arse?  I don’t believe that! That’s fucking disgusting, no one will ever believe you! Are you a fucking poofter?” Detective Carstairs (2008 Carstairs was living in Bracknell Berkshire)

After the Green Field House boys were intimidated by the bribe taking detective, the police investigation was wound down and eventually closed. By this time Burkett a luggage handler at B.O.A.C. had already fled to Australia to avoid the police investigation and criminal charges.


Prescott blackmailed Gilbart-Smith for the next 20 years with the indecent photo’s. When Gilbart-Smith became a Lloyd’s name, to finally put an end to the blackmailing Gilbart-Smith had Prescott murdered. Prescott died on a weekday morning within 30 minutes of having a heart attack in a public place.

Burkett had returned from Australia after around ten years, upon Prescott’s demise Burkett decided to take up the mantle of blackmailing Gilbart-Smith so he visited Walters parents, who informed him that Willy was in prison, so Burkett visited Walters in Wandsworth prison.

Burkett told Walters that Prescott had blackmailed Gilbart-Smith senior making the statement; “If I go down im’e taking your son with me”. Burkett further informed Walters that he had another set of Gilbart-Smith photos in the attic of his sisters property in Virginia Waters. Upon release Walters travelled with Burkett to retrieve the photos from a box in the attic.

Together Burkett and Walters blackmailed Gilbart-Smith with Walters playing a minor part. With the lions share, Burkett purchased a swanky upmarket substantial town house property in the King Charles area of Kingston, KT5 with cash. Burkett shared this property with another paedophile, Dr Bruce (first name). Burkett boasted that he had paid cash for the property with money he had received from a cigarette import scam.

Dr Bruce worked at St Georges Hospital, Tooting. After police raided the King Charles Kingston property looking for child pornography, Dr Bruce committed suicide and left Walters £25,000 in his will. Walters went straight out and paid cash for a brand spanking new 4×4 Land Cruiser. Burkett was highly amused that the police had to watch all of his videos as all they contained he would say were games of snooker.

A short time after the blackmail Burkett unexpectedly died, his funeral was attended by Walters and a handful of others in North London. Burkett died on a weekday morning within 30 minutes of having a heart attack in a public place.

Walters was not in the same position as the two other blackmailers, as he like Gilbart-Smith was also photographed participating  in indecent acts with minors. Gilbart-Smith struck a cash deal and set Walters up with his own home and a permanent income, in return for all of the photos and negatives.

Walters, a petty criminal who had spent most of his adult life in and out of prison, moved out of his council property with his wife and two children, when they purchased their first property at 16 Clive Road, Colliers Wood, London (current 2014 Zoopla price guide £521,207).  Walters also purchased two income properties in Howlets Close, Eastbourne. Both of these properties were purchased from the local authority with a large discount, one property for each of his sisters. Walters also purchased a caravan he would use for family holidays and also rent out for income. Gilbart-Smith also helped Walters set up his own scaffolding business, which Walters successfully ran until the day he was assassinated.


With Prescott and Burkett dead and Walters paid off, for the first time in his adult life Gilbart-Smith was free from any blackmailers. When Gilbart-Smith murdered Prescott and Burkett he was the “pastor” at the River Church Maidenhead. Sometime later Gilbart-Smith had to leave the River Church due to sexual misconduct with members of the congregation.

Pastor Gilbart-Smith also travelled to Africa, Portugal and Jamaica preaching and teaching the “Word of God” with Peter Butt

Paedophile Gilbart-Smith and very close friend Peter Butt

In May 2010 Walters by the skin of his teeth escaped being prosecuted for child abuse and agreed to give evidence at the Gilbart-Smith trial. On Wednesday 20th May 2010, Walters committed perjury by lying to the court saying; “I had little to do with the posh man”.

On his 21st birthday Gilbart-Smith got a green MG reg KMO 124B. It was then that Gilbart-Smith gave Walters his bubble car reg WLH 858. So for Walters to say he had little to do with the posh man was clearly not the truth.

Walters found himself in a very precarious situation at the 2010 Reading Crown Court trial. However, Walters had made it very clear that he wanted Gilbart-Smith to go to down. If Walters was around when Gilbart-Smith was found not guilty, Walters would have had no option other than to blow Gilbart-Smith out of the water regarding the photo’s and the money that had changed hands etc. Walters finished giving evidence on the Thursday morning 20th May 2010, within 24 hours Walters was dead. Walters died Friday morning within 30 minutes of having a heart attack in a public place whilst Gilbart-Smith had a watertight alibi for his third murder, as he was sitting in the dock at Reading Crown Court, when Walters became silent.


On a weekday morning all three blackmailers (Prescott, Burkett and Walters) felt well enough to get out of bed and leave their homes to go about their daily business. By the end of the morning all three men were dead within 30 minutes of having a massive heart attack in a public place!


60 million people live in the UK.
500,000 people die every year in the UK 50% are male.
1 in 5 men in the UK die from a heart attack.
Only 50% of heart attack victims will die within an hour.
Only 3% of the 500,000 deaths in the UK occur in a public place.

One man is being blackmailed by three male blackmailers.
The three blackmailers all die of a heart attack.
The three blackmailers die between 9-11 am on a weekday (8.3% of 24 hour time frame)
The three blackmailers all die in a public place.
The three blackmailers all die within 1 hour of having a heart attack.

WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF ALL THREE OF THE MALE BLACKMAILERS dying within an hour of having a heart attack, between 9-11 on a weekday morning?


NOTE: The blackmailers never died within one hour of each other, they died within one hour of having a heart attack. Maybe the mathematician has confused this in his calculus but you get the point!

Gilbart-Smith ran *IMS an insurance company that insured policy holders against kidnapping, international terrorism and such like. So with his back to the wall, hiring a spook assassin to exterminate a blackmailer, would not be difficult for a person in Gilbart-Smiths cloak and dagger world of subterfuge.

*Gilbart-Smith is no longer associated with IMS.