Corruption in Local Government

The purpose of this website is to highlight corruption that has been taking place at Royal Borough Windsor & Maidenhead Council (RBWM). RBWM purposefully hid scale 10 paedophile activity in 1970, at the Greenfield House children’s home in Maidenhead Berkshire, where all of the residents, children as young as nine were sold to local paedophiles, for the sole purpose of being abused and raped.

Fast forward thirty-six years to 2006:

When this horrific abuse was eventually exposed in 2006, with total disregard for their duty of care towards the child rape victims, RBWM entered into a secret legal agreement with one of the leaders of the paedophile ring.

In return for complete immunity, RBWM received a one-off substantial secret cash payment from this serial child rapist who was now nameless and protected by RBWM.

This secret financial agreement immediately gave an umbrella of legal protection, to the same man on whose behalf RBWM had just compensated six or seven children around £250,000 for being raped by. In addition RBWM also had to pay the child rape victims’ legal expenses ranging around £500,000 to the Dyer Burdett law firm.

Unbelievable but nonetheless true!

After RBWM entered into this corrupt agreement with the wealthy Maidenhead paedophile, incredulously, evidence from RBWM child abuse files was no longer available to be scrutinised by the police in any future criminal investigation*. Neither would the RBWM files be permitted as evidence in any future criminal court of law.

*These files span forty years plus a recent thorough five year investigation by Alan Collins the solicitor with Dyer Burdett.

After a two-year police investigation, a six week trial took place at Reading Crown Court in 2010. With much of the evidence gagged thanks to RBWM’s secret agreement, the paedophile was subsequently acquitted of raping and sexually abusing eight children as young as nine.

After the 2010 trial, the wealthy Lloyds name emigrated to Northern Cyprus, a country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the UK.

Since the 2010 trial, RBWM agreed to compensate *eight more victims who had been raped by the same paedophile they went into cahoots with. RBWM have so far compensated around **fifteen victims who had been raped by Mr Gilbart-Smith, this makes Denham Gilbart-Smith, Britain’s most ***prolific mass child rapist.

*One of the caveats RBWM agreed to with the paedophile was: If RBWM compensated any more victims for being raped by him, RBWM would not pursue him financially. 

**This figure does not include victims that have committed suicide, are incarcerated abroad, are unable or unwilling to communicate with the authorities or have been living off of the grid usually as a direct result of mental health issues. 

***Realistically the total number of Gilbart-Smith’s child rape victims would more likely range from 20-30 boys.

To add insult to injury, the impotent and useless Maidenhead MP Theresa May, in spite of her bullish promises against paedophilia, point blank refused to do what she promised the nation that the Conservative Government would do.

Mrs May has been visited by a constituent protesting about the RBWM corrupt agreement. I have personally written over twenty letters to Mrs May receiving no response whatsoever. The problem is not that the letters from the general public are not reaching Mrs May, as other MPs also received no response after writing to Mrs May on behalf of constituents, who have suffered the same fate as I, at the hands of Gilbart Smith.

MP’s who have been asked by constituents to write to Theresa May include:

John Redwood MP

Nick De Bois MP

Huw Merriman MP

Mims Davies MP

Mike Thornton MP

James Sunderland MP

Aloka Sharma MP

Paul Holmes MP

Mrs May never responded to any of these MPs. However, in 2020 Richard Graham MP did get an extremely lame response from Mrs May. This response didn’t address the issue and I believe was more of an excuse if ever challenged; “Oh yes I did respond!” 

I have nothing against Mrs May personally, but her lack of a moral response is perhaps a good example of why Joe public has little or no respect for MPs. 

Official Home Office Paedophile Policy:

First, we will do everything we can to allow the FULL INVESTIGATION of child abuse and the prosecution of it’s perpetrators, and we will do nothing to jeopardise those aims.”

Second, where possible, the government will adopt a presumption of maximum TRANSPARENCY.”

Third, we will make sure that wherever individuals and institutions have failed to protect children from harm, we will EXPOSE those failures.”

Perhaps the Leader of the Opposition Sir Keir Starmer could ask the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary or the Minister of Justice, a question along these lines;

“In line with Government policy, under what circumstances would it be legal for a suspected paedophile to make payments to a local authority in return for immunity?

Can Someone Answer These Two Questions?

1. Do the Above Unholy Trinity Know Each Other *Personally?

2. Can I Prosecute RBWM for **Perverting the Course of Justice or Take This Case to The Court of Human Rights?

* Denham Gilbart-Smith was not only well known in Maidenhead as a Tory supporter and financial donor; he was also the senior leader of the River Church in Maidenhead. The River Church met weekly for years at the Town Hall, RBWM’s headquarters.          
**If any legally minded person would help me in crowdfunding a private prosecution against RBWM or take this to the Court of Human Rights, please contact John Affleck on; O7484 63O783

 John Affleck 




Donald Prescott became the warden at the Greenfield House Children’s Home on Ray Park Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, where he raped and abused all of the boys in the home, without exception.

Prescott started a business selling photos of the boys being raped and abused, by paedophiles that he would invite to the home. The identity of the adult abusers, however, was always kept hidden. Tony Knott, whose studio was located at 30 Minster Street, Reading, Berkshire was the official paedophile photographer.

After Prescott met the wealthy Gilbart-Smith family at St Mary Magdalene Church Maidenhead, Prescott started hatching a blackmail plot, to extort the Gilbart-Smith’s of some cash.

Nineteen-year old Denham Gilbart-Smith encouraged by his father to teach the children about God, began visiting Green Field House, where he was groomed and motivated by Prescott to rape the boys. Mr Gilbart-Smith raped and sexually abused more than fifteen boys, even those as young as nine years of age.

Denham was subsequently photographed raping and or sexually abusing Robert A at Tony Knotts Reading studio, but in this photo shoot, Tony Knott had clearly exposed Denham Gilbart-Smith’s identity.

Prescott’s blackmail plot was now live and in action!

Photo circa 2008 aged 66 Tony Knott (Centre)

Tony Knott was sent to prison for eighteen months in March for taking indecent photos of young boys.

Prescott not being one to quit easily, converted one of the bedrooms at Green Field House, to be the new photo studio.

In the summer of 1970, Prescott during an argument showed Gilbart-Smith the incriminating photos. Gilbart-Smith was heard by numerous boys screaming at the top of his voice, after leaving the home Gilbart-Smith was never seen again at Green Field House.

In December the police launched an investigation into the paedophile ring.

Prescott confronted Gilbart-Smith senior with the indecent photo’s saying; “If I go down, I am taking your son with me!” Gilbart-Smith senior, then paid Prescott a large amount of cash in return for the photos.

The police investigation was wound down and closed after Prescott bribed DC Carstairs’ who was the lead detective. 

Maidenhead Council were happy that the scandal was brushed under the carpet, hoping it would never again see the light of day.

(between 1970 and 2000 there were 16 complaints that I am aware of, but to my knowledge the police never investigated once).



Denham Gilbart- Smith    &    RBWM

RBWM = Royal Borough Windsor Maidenhead (The Council)

Joe and Mitch both lodged a complaint with Maidenhead police, that they were raped by Denham Gilbart-Smith when they were children.

On 2nd August, 54-year-old Gilbart-Smith was arrested and charged with two historic rapes, but the charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence. Joe and Mitch were advised by Detective Inspector Robert Bryce-Sterling, to seek compensation from RBWM, the council who owned children’s home.

2001 – 2005
Alan Collins a child abuse solicitor with Dyer Burdett acted for Joe, Mitch and seven other Green Field House rape victims, in a law suit against the council *RBWM. RBWM rigorously denied the rape and sexual abuse allegations for four years.

(When I refer to RBWM, I am referring to RBWM and or their insurers)

However, on the very day the case was due to be heard at the High Court, on Wednesday 29th November, RBWM gave up and admitted liability.

The BBC ran the below story.

Six or seven of the nine rape victims in the BBC report were compensated by RBWM, for being raped by Denham Gilbart-Smith. RBWM entered into a secret agreement with Mr Gilbart-Smith who was now legally protected and so identified in the BBC report as the “Unnamed Man”.

Yes! RBWM made a SECRET deal with the same man they had just compensated numerous children for being raped by.

That’s right, you read that correctly……

RBWM a UK council funded by taxpayers, entered into a SECRET agreement  in return for a large cash payment. In return for this payment, RBWM protected the same man, whom they had just compensated six or seven children for being raped by.

That’s right, you did read that correctly……

This SECRET deal was struck BEFORE a police investigation and included the following caveats:

  1. RBWM incredulously agreed to secrecy terms.
  2. RBWM agreed the amount paid would remain a secret.
  3. RBWM agreed not to pursue Gilbart-Smith financially, if they compensated any more children for being raped by him.

That’s right, you read that correctly……

Immediately after this paedophile payment, multi millionaire Gilbart-Smith started to liquidate several million pounds of his UK assets.

Due to the caveat protecting Denham Gilbart-Smith financialy, from this point on, Maidenhead taxpayers would be compensating any children RBWM agreed were raped by Mr Gilbart-Smith. 

On 27th March on my behalf Alan Collins began legal proceedings against RBWM for the abuse I suffered as a child whilst in their care.

On 22nd September RBWM settled compensation claims for three more of Gilbart-Smith’s rape and abuse victims, below is my claim for £50,000 + legal costs that RBWM compensated me for being raped by Denham Gilbart-Smith when I was ten years old.

The September 22nd 2008 compensation package including legal fees for the three claimants, which may have been as much as £300,000 of Maidenhead taxpayer’s money.

Due to Gilbart-Smith and RBWM’s secret arrangement, it was now impossible for RBWM to pursue Gilbart-Smith for the return of the taxpayer’s money.

In April Gilbart-Smith sold his primary business IMS (Insurance Market Services) for a seven-figure sum, and began planning a new life in Northern Cyprus. Around the same time Mr Gilbart-Smith was planning the next chapter of his life, RBWM agreed to compensate three more victims for being raped by him. The Maidenhead tax payer once again footed Gilbart-Smith’s rape bill.

1st July Gilbart-Smith was charged with raping and or sexually assaulting eight children.

By 2010, RBWM had settled a total of twenty-one Green Field House rape claims to the value of £1,620,000.  RBWM compensated twelve or thirteen of the  twenty-one abuse victims, for being raped or abused by Denham Gilbart-Smith.


The 6 Week 2010 Trial

17th May: Mr Gilbart-Smith stood trial at Reading Crown Court.

John Price Q.C., the prosecuting barrister, told all of the *nine prosecution witnesses that if they mentioned Gilbart-Smith’s arrangement with RBWM in front of the jury, the case would be dismissed.

*One witness made his complaint of rape too late for charges to be made against Gilbart-Smith.

The evidence against Gilbart-Smith from the nine prosecution witnesses was compellingly overwhelming. Four witnesses gave evidence of being photographed at Tony Knott’s Reading studio.

Whilst Robert A from his wheelchair, specifically gave evidence of being *photographed at Tony Knott’s Reading studio, committing indecent acts with Mr Gilbart-Smith.

*These were the blackmail photos.

Mr Gilbart-Smith offered no defence to the allegations of raping nine children, other than denying the charges and offering the court a character reference from his wife, his brother, his four children and some people he knew from church. With the exception of his brother none of these witnesses knew Gilbart-Smith in 1970, in fact most of them were young children or were not even born then.

Mr Gilbart-Smith Admitted:

  • I was a regular visitor to Green Field House.
  • I slept over with the paedophiles and the boy’s in Kent, Sussex and Cornwall.

Mr Gilbart-Smith Denied:

  1. I never raped any of the boys.
  2. I didn’t know the boys were being raped.
  3. I didn’t know the other men were paedophiles.

The prosecution case is summarised as:

Nine men who, before the civil case, hadn’t met each other for thirty-five years, gave compelling evidence of being raped by Denham Gilbart-Smith, in Maidenhead, London, Kent, Sussex, and Cornwall, when they were as young as nine.

Fifteen Minute Factual Overview of The Six Week Trial –

Warning  – this video is rated 21+ adults only:

  • Judge Steven John – Trial Judge
  • John Price – Q.C. Prosecution
  • Joanna Cutts – Q.C. Defence
  • Denham Gilbart-Smith – Defendant
  • Nine prosecution witnesses (9 of Gilbart-Smith’s rape victims)
  • Seventeen character witnesses (6 family and some church folk)

Quite amazingly, and in direct contradiction to the compelling evidence, the jury found Gilbart-Smith was found not guilty on fifteen, of the seventeen charges.

On 5th July 2010 when Gilbart-Smith returned to court to hear his fate on the two outstanding rape charges, Judge John allowed him to walk scot-free without a retrial on the two outstanding charges of rape. The tax payer once again, paid the legal bill for Gilbart-Smiths paedophile activities.

I walked from the public gallery into the court area and in front of Judge Stephen John, the barristers and whoever else was there, I poured a bottle of petrol over Gilbart-Smith and pulled out a lighter intending to force Gilbart-Smith into making a public confession.

I was extremely disturbed and my mental state was all over the place when I resorted to these actions. I certainly wouldn’t encourage or advise anyone else to behave the same way I did. 

Surprise, surprise, Gilbart-Smith chose not to press charges against me. Judge John had no other option than to convict me of contempt of his court.

Judge John jailed me for twelve months, which I now understand to be a very lenient sentence, as I could have had a more serious charge of attempted GBH or even attempted murder, which carries a maximum term of life in prison.

After the trial, Mr & Mrs Gilbart-Smith packed their bags and emigrated to Northern Cyprus, a country that is a haven for criminal fugitives, as it has no extradition treaty with the UK. The Gilbart-Smiths from their Cyprus base, travel to countries, such as Vietnam, that similarly to Northern Cyprus do not have an extradition treaty with the UK.


Maidenhead Council  +  Maidenhead Paedophile  +  Maidenhead MP

I wrote my first letter to Theresa May the Maidenhead MP, hoping she would help me in exposing the Maidenhead Council’s corrupt and secret paedophile arrangement.

The Maidenhead MP Theresa May did not respond to me.

Using the notes I had taken during the 2010 trial; I wrote a book called “The Paedotrial” and sent Theresa May a copy.

The Maidenhead MP Theresa May did not respond to me.

In March, one of Mrs Mays constituents visited her surgery and specifically asked Mrs May about the RBWM paedodeal. While Mrs May did tell her constituent quote, “I am very much aware of Mr Affleck and his complaint,” she was ambiguous and evasive regarding the RBWM paedodeal, as you can see in her letter.

On 7th July, a number of former Green Field House residents were encouraged after hearing the Home Secretary Theresa May, outline the Conservative government’s official policy on child abuse, and how she was going to expose institutions that have failed children.

Theresa May quote:

First, we will do everything we can to allow the full INVESTIGATION of child abuse and the prosecution of it’s perpetrators, and we will do nothing to jeopardise those aims.”

Second, where possible, the government will adopt a presumption of maximum TRANSPARENCY.”

Third, we will make sure that wherever individuals and institutions have failed to protect children from harm, we will EXPOSE those failures.”

Encouraged by Mrs May’s speech, I again wrote to Mrs May in her office as the MP for Maidenhead.

The Maidenhead MP Theresa May did not respond to me.

Late in 2014 I updated the Paedotrial book, and renamed it Richman Poorman, then in the January of 2015 I sent a copy to Mrs May, and all of the other 600+ MP’s, asking them to give the book to Mrs May, and ask her to look into RBWM’s secret agreement that protected Denham Gilbart-Smith.

The Maidenhead MP Theresa May did not respond to me.

However, I received a phone call from Brian Donohoe, the Labour MP for Irvine Scotland. Mr Donohoe advised me to stop personally writing to Theresa May, but rather make an appointment with my local MP and ask them to write to the Maidenhead MP on my behalf as this was the appropriate Parliamentary protocol.

After gratefully accepting Mr Donohoe’s advice, myself and numerous other Gilbart-Smith rape victims, started petitioning our local MP’s to write to Theresa May. The MP’s asked Mrs May to look into the terms of RBWM’s secret payment received from Mr Gilbart-Smith.

My local MP was Mike Thornton (Lib Dem). Mr Thornton was incredibly helpful  and wrote to both Theresa May and RBWM in February 2015.

QUOTE Mike Thornton MP: I am deeply concerned by my constituent's allegations and by the prospect of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council accepting what is effectively a very substantial bribe to cover up serious abuse.

More of Gilbart-Smith’s rape victims began petitioning their MP’s to write to Theresa May concerning the corrupt Gilbart-Smith and RBWM secret deal. 

The Maidenhead MP did not respond to either Mike Thornton MP  for Eastleigh, Norman Baker the MP for Lewes, or any of the other MP’s that wrote to Mrs May.

However, on 25th March Mr Thornton received the below email from RBWM’s MD Christabel Shawcross.

Christabel Shawcross RBWM MD 2015

Quote 1 from  RBWM’s MD:

Counsel representing BCC made submissions to the Judge with the aim of not disclosing confidential, privileged or sensitive information.....
Quote 2 from RBWM’s MD:
Whilst the terms of the settlement remain confidential as part of the settlement...

In the above email to Mike Thornton MP, Christabel Shawcroft RBWM’s MD, incredulously makes a confession admitting RBWM’s part in the collusion that gagged the nine prosecution witnesses and gagged incriminating evidence at the 2010 criminal trial.

Perverting The Course of Justice: This is an offence committed when a person seeks to prevent justice from being served on him/herself or another party.

QUOTE from Mrs May: “We will do everything we can to allow the full investigation of child abuse, and the prosecution of it’s perpetrators and we  will do nothing to jeopardise those aims.”


I visited Mr Thornton at the beginning of April and played him the above 10 second audio clip. After not receiving a reply from his February letter to Mrs May, Mr Thornton very kindly wrote to Mrs May again on 10th April 2015.

Theresa May did not respond to either of Mike Thornton’s letters regarding RBWM’s paedodeal.

Unfortunately, Mr Thornton lost his seat in the 2016 General election. He was replaced by Mimms Davies (Conservative).

Mimms Davies was also kind enough to write to Theresa May and RBWM on my behalf.

Theresa May did not respond to Mimms Davies MP.

However, Mimms did receive the below reply from Alison Alexander who was appointed the new RBWM MD on 29th July 2015.

In 2016 two weeks after Mrs May became the Prime Minister on 13th July, I wrote Mrs May a very nice letter, congratulating her on getting the top job. Also, I once again asked Mrs May in her role as the MP for Maidenhead to answer my question concerning the RBWM paedodeal

Once again my correspondence regarding the RBWM paedodeal was ignored.

But I did receive an official acknowledgement from Number 10.

I also received a response from Sarah Newton (Minister for Vulnerability) Sarah advised me to make an official complaint to RBWM. She also stated quote; “As this concerns the out of court payment received, I am afraid we are unable to comment on this matter.”

Looks like slippery Gilbart has also gagged the Home Office….speechless..


With the exception of Mike Thornton Lib Dem and Norman Baker Lib Dem, all of the other MP’s that were contacted by Gilbart-Smiths rape victims to write to Mrs May, all lived in Conservative constituencies.

There have been thirteen Conservative MPs that one way or another have been involved with Green Field House abuse victims.

The following list includes the name of the MP, the office held by the MP, and the communication date/s or the initials of the constituent.

Theresa May: Home Secretary, Prime Minister and DBs MP 2013/14/15/16/20

Chris Grayling; Secretary of State for Justice………………………..……01/04/2014

Mike Penning; Minister for Criminal Justice & Victims………………..08/04/2016
(The RT Hon Sir Mike Penning MP advised that I should complain to RBWM)

Sarah Newton; Minister for Child Abuse & Exploitation…….……….08/09/2016
(Sarah Newton Home Office also advised that I should complain to RBWM)

Suella Braverman; Attorney General………………….………..……………17/04/2020

John Redwood; Conservative MP for Wokingham……..………(constituent JM)

Richard Graham; Conservative MP for Gloucester…………….(constituent GE)

Nick De Bois; Conservative MP for Enfield North……………..(constituent MM)

Huw Merriman; Conservative MP for Bexhill……………..…….(constituent MS)

Mims Davies; Conservative MP for Mid Sussex…………………(constituent JA)

James Sunderland; Conservative MP for Bracknell…….……..(constituent JR)

Aloka Sharma; Conservative MP for Reading West…………….(constituent LM)

Paul Holmes; Conservative MP for Eastleigh…………………….(constituent JA)

In April 2020 via email I asked Mr Holmes my new local MP, if he would write to Theresa May regarding the RBWM paedodeal on my behalf. Mr Holmes responded by email, saying quote;“I am not permitted as an MP to become directly involved in legal matters.”

After Mr Holmes idiotic response, I sent the below letter to 365 Conservative MP’s. 

I received two replies, the first from The RT Hon Sir William Cash, and you can read Bill’s letter and my response below.

My letter to The RT Hon Sir William Cash: I am not a constituent of yours, and I am not requesting that you act on my behalf. As an MP responsible for the nations well-being, I am highlighting to you…………..
Bill’s response: Dear Mr Affleck,
Further to your recent correspondence and given that you fall outside of the Stone constituency, I must let you know that I am not your MP and according to Parliamentary protocol I am not able to represent constituents outside of my constituency boundaries. Yours, Bill
My response to Bill: Dear Sir William,
Thanks for writing to let me know that you are not my MP and I do not live in your constituency. However, just a tad confused as to why you would think I would need that information, as that is what I told you in the letter you have responded to. Yours, John

For reasons that should be obvious, I didn’t feel inspired to respond to Sir Rogers below letter……..


Five years earlier in 2015 you may recall I received a phone call from the Labour MP for Irvine Brian Donohue, after reading my book “Richman Poorman” Brian phoned me and suggested that I stop writing to Theresa May and instead get my local MP to write to Theresa May on my behalf, and as you well know I acted on Brian’s advice as did other Gilbart-Smith rape victims.

Once again I made contact with Brian who was now retired as an MP. After reading this website, Brian suggested that he would get in touch with a few of his MP friends on my behalf and get some feedback, which he promptly did.

A couple of Brian’s associates said that; around 50% of MP’s were newbies and most MP’s were reluctant to risk speaking out boldly on historic accusations of child abuse, after Tom Watson MP spoke out publicly on behalf of a man known in the media by his alias; “Nick”.

Nick accused some well-known politicians of child abuse and three murders. However, after a two-year police investigation that cost two or three million pounds, it was discovered that Nick had just made up a story and as a result of speaking out on behalf of Nick, Tom Watson’s future career in politics was questionable.

It was then I realised that the claims in my recent letter to over 600 MP’s, are almost identical to Nicks imaginary fake story:

  1. A political cover up.
  2. Three murders.
  3. Historic child abuse.

After a few more phone conversations, Brian advised me that his colleagues suggested that I should send a hand written letter to Sir Kier Starmer the Labour leader, asking Sir Keir to take the matter up with the Conservatives, which I promptly did. The following is the letter I sent to Sir Keir at the end of July 2020.

I wrote to Sir Keir Starmer on 29th July 2020, and to date I have neither received a reply or an acknowledgement.


1. FACT: In 2006 RBWM compensated six or seven children for being raped by Denham Gilbart-Smith. FACT!

2. FACT: In 2006 Denham Gilbart-Smith paid RBWM a substantial sum of money.

3. FACT: In return for this payment RBWM the council in Theresa Mays constituency agreed to forever suppress evidence relating to large-scale child abuse in Maidenhead.

4. FACT: RBWM agreed to remain silent and not pursue the wealthy Denham Gilbart-Smith, if they compensated anymore children for being raped by him. FACT!

5. FACT: In 2008 RBWM compensated three more children for being raped by Denham Gilbart-Smith and the Maidenhead tax payer footed Gilbart-Smiths rape bill. FACT!

6. FACT: In 2009 RBWM compensated three more children for being raped by Denham Gilbart-Smith and once again the Maidenhead taxpayer footed the bill. FACT!

7. FACT: By 2010 according to RBWM’s MD, (in her letter to Mimms Davis MP), RBWM had paid out £772,500 in compensation and £847,500 in legal costs £1,620,000.00 FACT!

8. FACT: RBWM’s MD in her email to Mike Thornton said; Due to the extensive and sensitive nature of these files, a directions hearing was held in February 2010 to assist the Judge, Counsel representing BCC made submissions to the Judge with the aim of *not disclosing confidential, privileged or sensitive information.

*The above is an admission from the office of the RBWM MD, that RBWM conspired to pervert the course of justice, which is a criminal offence.

9. FACT: In 2020 RBWM are being sued by at least two more of Denham Gilbart-Smith’s rape victims and once again the Maidenhead taxpayer will foot the bill. FACT!

10. FACT: Theresa May the Maidenhead MP is very much aware of these failures but in spite of her telling Parliament that child abuse failures will be exposed, she does the exact opposite and helps to conceal this national scandal! FACT!


QUESTION: Did Gilbart-Smith nobble the jury in 2010?


QUESTION: Were Gilbart-Smith’s three blackmailers murdered?


It’s all in the book……

“Let your hopes,                                                                                          not your hurts,
                                                    shape your future.”

Britain’s most slippery and prolific multiple child rapist.

Denham Gilbart-Smith

Whether or not the slippery Gilbart-Smith is dragged out of his overseas bunker and brought to justice for his heinous crimes, is becoming less of an issue for me. However, I am determined that RBWM will be bought to account.


Book Launch January 2021

Documentary Launch TBA


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