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November 29th 2006 Maidenhead council paid out £300,000 + five years legal costs to nine men who were raped as children whilst in the care of the council at the Greenfield House care home Maidenhead  Berkshire. The council immediately sued one of the men they had paid compensation claims on behalf of, for raping children in their care.

This man immediately settled out of court with a payment in excess of £1,000,000.00. Amazingly the council agreed to a gagging order, so the name of the man and the amount the man had paid the council would remain a secret. Furthermore in this corrupt deal, if the council paid out more compensation claims to anymore of this mans rape victims, the council would not pursue the unnamed man for any further financial contributions.

Due to the councils corrupt immoral dealing with this matter, this secret paedophile deal, would now forever pervert any future criminal investigation and prosecution, involving the unnamed rapist. By 2010 Maidenhead council had compensated 21 abuse victims 12 of the 21 had been compensated for being raped by the unnamed man.

In 2013 under the freedom of information act, I received the following information from David Davies representing Maidenhead Council. The total amount the council paid out was £569,750 compensation and £732,500 legal costs. (to view this document just scroll down) If the council received a payment of more than £1,302,250.00 from the unnamed man, which I very strongly suspect they did, the council have actually profited from the children in their care being raped, and abused by this unnamed man in the gagging order.

In February 2014 Christabel Shawcroft the MD of Maidenhead council in an email to Mike Thornton MP, incredibly broke the gagging order and named the unnamed man as Mr Gilbart-Smith. (to view this document just scroll down)

In May 2014 Theresa May Home Secretary addressed parliament regarding the governments position on paedophiles.



First we will do everything we can to allow the full investigation of child abuse and the prosecution of it’s perpetrators and we will do nothing to jeopardise those aims.”

Second where possible the government will adopt a presumption of maximum transparency.”

Third we will make sure that wherever individuals and institutions have failed to protect children from harm we will expose those failures and learn the lessons.”


Since Mrs Mays 2014 speech, I have written to Mrs May the Maidenhead MP on numerous occasions, concerning this corrupt paedophile payment with the council in her constituency, and I have never received a reply from the Maidenhead MP.

Another of Gilbart-Smiths rape victims visited Mrs May’s Maidenhead surgery concerning this matter, and the matter was totally ignored as can be seen in Mrs May letter (to view this letter just scroll down) The MP’s of  five of Gilbart-Smiths rape victims namely; Mike Thornton, Mimms Davies, Norman Baker, Nick de Bois, and John Redwood have also written to Mrs May as the Home secretary concerning this secret paedophile hush payment. However, none of the MP’s received a reply either.

The only reply I have had was from Sarah Newton at the Home Office when Mrs May became PM. Unbelievably Miss Newton advised me to complain to Maidenhead Council about the paedophile payment. (to view this letter just scroll down)

In light of Mrs Mays 2004 speech I now am seeking help from a professional to ask these three questions and get three answers from Mrs May;

Mrs May,

  1. “Is it proper for the council in your constituency to enter into a SECRET million pound plus agreement, and also agree a gagging order, with Denham Gilbart-Smith, the same man the council were suing, for raping numerous children in their care?”
  2. “Did Maidenhead council receive from Denham Gilbart-Smith more than the £1,302,250.00 they paid out in compensation and legal costs?”
  3. “If the council did receive more than the £1,302,250.00 from Denham Gilbart-Smith, is it proper for the council to profit from children in their care being raped, especially as the payment was received from the same man they were suing for raping the kids?

Below is an overview of this massive

story of blackmail corruption and three murders!

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1964 – 1970 numerous children were raped and abused at Greenfield House children’s home in Ray Park Road Maidenhead Berkshire, by Donald Prescott the warden of the children’s home, and numerous other men invited to the home by Prescott.

1966 Prescott a career paedophile, met 19/20 year old Denham Gilbart-Smith at St Marys Church Maidenhead. Gilbart-Smiths wealthy parents Oliver & Doris Gilbart-Smith had recently introduced Billy Graham an American evangelist to the Uk. It was rumoured that Doris Gilbart-Smith had paid or contributed a large amount of cash for the rent of the Royal Victoria & Albert Hall in London, for some of Mr Graham’s meetings.

1967 Prescott convinced young Gilbart-Smith to register with the council as an “unpaid helper”. Wealthy Gilbart-Smith, was now forever officially connected to this nest of paedophiles within the council’s records.

1967 Tony Knott a Reading photographer photographed Willy Walters (GFH resident) raping *Eddy Allen (GFH resident). Knott also photographed Ted Burkett a paedophile friend of Prescott’s and regular visitor to Greenfield House with different boys. Knott photographed JD with MS, MM with EA, and other Greenfield House kids, being raped and abused by each other, but the identity of the adult abusers were always hidden in the photos.

*Eddy Allen committed suicide age 23.

Tony Knott  66 and boyfriends, Florida Court Bath Road Reading RG1 6NG

1967 In May 1967 Gilbart-Smith got a green MG reg KMO 124B for his 21st  birthday. Gilbart-Smith gave 17 year old Willy Walters his bubble car reg WLH 858. Walters had officially left the children’s home, but under Prescott’s control Walters stayed on and would rape and abuse the younger boys, with Gilbart-Smith and other men.

1967 Prescott groomed Gilbart-Smith with the anonymous photos and Gilbart-Smith was subsequently photographed by Tony Knott. However, in this photo set, Gilbart-Smith was fully identified sexually abusing a young boy RA, the blackmail plot was now on. Police became aware of some indecent photos and in the August of 1967, Tony Knott was arrested.

1968 Tony Knott was sent to prison for eighteen months in March 1968, for taking indecent photos of young boys at his studio 30 Minster Street Reading RG1 2JF, but the blackmail plot and the connection to Greenfield House remained undiscovered.

1970 Prescott left Greenfield House in the December of 1970 when the police began an investigation into the paedophile ring. Burkett a baggage handler at Heathrow for B.O.A.C. fled to Australia to escape the criminal investigation. Prescott confronted Gilbart-Smith senior with the photo’s saying; “If I go down I am taking your son with me!” Gilbart-Smith senior paid Prescott a large amount of cash, part of which Prescott used to bribe DC Carstairs a detective from Bracknell police station who was leading the investigation.

1971 After receiving the cash Detective Carstairs interviewed numerous boys. Carstairs’ tactic to close down the investigation was to completely overpower and intimidate the boys. One such interview with sixteen-year-old MM who had been abused for the previous five years went like this: “Are you telling me he put his cock up your arse? You expect me to believe that?” The detective concluded the interview by stating: “That’s fucking disgusting, nobody will ever believe that! Are you some sort of fucking poofter?” After this series of interviews the police investigation was wound down and eventually closed.

1970 – 1986 by 1986 Gilbart-Smith had been blackmailed for sixteen years by Prescott. When Gilbart-Smith became a Lloyd’s name, knowing the blackmail would never end he ordered a hit on Prescott. (Read the book) Upon Prescott’s demise, Burkett who had previously returned from Australia, visited Walters parents to be told that Willy was in Wandsworth prison. Burkett visited Walters in jail and when Willy was released the pair retrieved a set of the Gilbart-Smith photos from the attic of Burkett’s sisters bungalow in Virginia Waters Surrey, Burkett and Walters together blackmailed Gilbart-Smith.

With the first blackmail payment, Burkett paid cash for a substantial town house property in the King Charles area of Kingston, KT5. Gilbart-Smith put a hit on Burkett (Read the book) after Burketts demise Gilbart-Smith paid off Willy Walters. Walters an ex Greenfield House abuse victim, had played a minor role in the blackmail plot as Burkett’s errand boy.

1986 Around 1986 Walters who was 25/26 still lived in a council flat with his wife and two children. Walters had spent all of his adult life in and out of prison. However, with Gilbart-Smiths help, Walters managed to purchase 16 Clive Road Colliers Wood London (£585,592 current zoopla valuation) Walters also purchased each of his two sisters council properties in Howletts Close Eastbourne, with the government right to buy scheme. Walters also purchased a caravan that he used for family holidays and rental income. Walters also set up a scaffolding business with Gilbart-Smiths help.

1987 & 1989 For the first time in his adult life Gilbart-Smith was free from blackmailers. Then in the 1987 and 1989 stock market crashes, Gilbart-Smith was wiped out as a Lloyds name and set up IMS, Insurance Market Services. IMS insured individuals and organisations against kidnapping, acts of terrorism, industrial espionage and such like.

1990’s Gilbart-Smith was expelled from his position of elder and senior Bible teacher alongside his good friend Alistair Bullen at the River Church Maidenhead, for inappropriate sexual conduct with members of the congregation, including a five year extra marital affair with Julie B. After being disgraced, Gilbart-Smith travelled to to Africa, Portugal and Jamaica with his very close friend Peter Butt, where Gilbart-Smith taught the Bible to disadvantaged people who had problems with their home life.

Peter Butt        Alistair Bullen

2000 Gilbart-Smith was arrested and charged with two rapes but the charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence. The two complainants JD and MM were advised to seek compensation from the owners of the care home Maidenhead Council, through the civil court. The two men instructed a solicitor named Alan Collins to pursue a civil claim on their behalf.

2006 November 29th Alan Collins reached an out of court settlement with Maidenhead Council and or the councils insurers for £300,000 compensation (plus five years legal costs) for nine claimants. At least four of the nine abuse victims were compensated by Maidenhead Council for being  raped by Denham Gilbart-Smith, the man unnamed  in the BBC article below.

2006 immediately after the compensation pay outs, RBWM or MMi the RBWM insurers sued Denham Gilbart-Smith to recover their loss.

2007 in the spring of 2007 Gilbart-Smith made a seven figure payment to RBWM MMi to keep his paedophile activities a secret. Included in this out of court settlement;

  1. RBWM/MMi agreed to keep the name Gilbart-Smith a secret.
  2. RBWM/MMi further agreed to keep the amount of money Gilbart-Smith paid a secret.
  3. RBWM/MMi further agreed to exclude Gilbart-Smith from being pursued financially, if RBWM/MMi paid compensation to any more of Gilbart-Smiths rape victims.

2007 early in 2007 totally unaware of this court case and compensation payout, I was asked by the publisher Verite to consider writing my autobiography. In consideration of this request, I googled all the names of my known childhood abusers. After finding a photo of Denham Gilbart-Smith on his company website, I contacted Child Abuse Lawyers and chose to contact Alan Collins from a list of solicitors Child Abuse Lawyers emailed me. I chose Alan Collins solely because he was geographically the closest, being only an eighteen minute drive from my home. I was very surprised to find out that Mr Collins had recently closed a case for nine other kids that went to Green Field House.

2007 on the 27th March 2007 Alan Collins submitted the below letter to RBWM.

2008 Verite published my book and I sent a copy to Windsor police.

RBWM denied all responsibility for my claim for the next eighteen months. The reason Alan Collins (solicitor) advised me was, RBWM were waiting for a ruling on a case the law lords were making, where Shirley Woodman was attempting to sue the the rapist Iorworth Hoare, who had won £7 million on the lottery whilst on day release from prison. Apparently until that ruling was made, RBWM would not accept any responsibility. What the lotto rapist had to do with me being abused in a Maidenhead childrens home I really have no idea, especially as RBWM had already in a secret deal been pre-paid by Gilbart-Smith for having raped me.

On 22nd September 2008 RBWM agreed to pay me £50,000 compensation for being raped by Denham Gilbart-Smith and others. Had I known RBWM had been paid upfront by Gilbart-Smith for raping me when I was a ten year old kid, I would never have settled the claim. I would have probably considered a private prosecution against Gilbart-Smith.

There is a very strong possibility that RBWM received more money from Gilbart-Smith than they actually paid out in rape claims. If that is the case then RBWM MMi have actually made money from children in their care being abused and raped by Gilbart-Smith and others.

2008 after a twelve month police investigation, Gilbart-Smith was eventually charged with seventeen counts of rape and child abuse, thirteen of which can be seen in the below charge sheet.

2010 by 2010 RBWM/MMi had paid compensation to 21 abuse victims, between 10 -13 of these claimants, had been compensated by RBWM/MMi for being raped or sexually abused by Gilbart-Smith.

The six week trial started on Monday 17th May at Reading Crown court case number T20097272.

For some reason not yet understood Tony Knott the photographer, was not involved in the police investigation or the six week trial. As a result of the secret contract RBWM MMi had entered into with Gilbart-Smith, at the 2010 trial, this out of court settlement had to be kept a secret from the jury, so the jury had ZERO chance of being told the truth from the outset.

On Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th May 2010, Willy Walters gave evidence that he was raped and abused at Greenfield house. Walters also told the court that he would rape and abuse the younger boys as Prescott commanded. Walters then committed perjury by saying he had little to do with the posh man. (meaning Gilbart-Smith).

The following morning Friday 21st May, as Gilbart-Smith sat in the dock at Reading Crown Court, Walters was murdered! Walters died in the exact same way as Gilbart-Smiths two other blackmailers. All three blackmailers felt well enough to get out of bed to go about their daily business, all three blackmailers had a heart attack in a public place, all three blackmailers died of the heart attack immediately before reaching hospital.

With Walters now dead, Gilbart-Smiths defence challenged one of his rape victim stating that; he was confused and mistaken, as it was not Gilbart-Smith that had driven him in his green MG to the Tudor House on Wandsworth Common London, to be raped  by a group of men at a bonfire party, as the witness told the court, but rather it was Willy Walters that had driven him in the bubble car from Maidenhead to South London to be raped by this group of men. (The bubble car only had one seat) To use this ridiculous defence strategy Gilbart-Smith 100% knew Walters was dead!

If Walters was still alive he would have been EXTREMELY angry and 100% would of told the truth about what really happened concerning the police corruption and the blackmail payments etc. Walters would have 100% blown Gilbart-Smith right out of the universe with the truth of what really happened.

Nine men who live in different parts of the country and hadn’t seen each other for forty years gave compelling evidence of how they were raped and abused by Gilbart-Smith.

  • Gilbart-Smith agreed with the council’s records that he was an unpaid helper at the children’s home
  • Gilbart-Smith agreed with the prosecution that all of the other men that visited Greenfield House were paedophiles.
  • Gilbart-Smith further agreed that he went on holiday with the paedophiles and the boys to London, Kent, Sussex and Cornwall.
  • Gilbart-Smith agreed that he now understands the boys were raped in these locations, but at the time he didn’t know that his friends were paedophiles, he didn’t know that the boys were being raped and he didn’t rape any of the boys.
  • Gilbart-Smith’s only defence other than character witnesses was his personal denial which was nonsense being peppered with ridiculous lies, which can be read in the court transcripts or seen in the below video.

Based on Judge Johns instructions, the jury had to reach a verdict based on who was telling the truth, the nine men or Denham Gilbart-Smith. Below is a seventeen minute factual overview of the six week trial and its conclusion. To make complete sense of this story, watch the video before continuing.

I was totally disgusted with the trial outcome and was sent to prison for twelve months for contempt of court. I was ecstatic and feeling very pleased with myself as I got Gilbart-Smiths mugshot on the six o’clock & ten o’clock news, and in every single UK newspaper.

Before the trial in 2010 Gilbart-Smith sold his insurance business IMS, after the trial Mr & Mrs Gilbart-Smith became residents and deserted their children and grandchildren fleeing to Northern Cyprus, a Muslim country that is residency to numerous UK criminals, as Northern Cyprus have no extradition treaty with the UK. Mr & Mrs Gilbart-Smith also travel to other countries that don’t have an extradition treaty with the UK such as Vietnam.

2013 in November 2013 under the F.O.I. (Freedom of  information act)  David Davies of RBWM publicly admits to entering into a gagging order made with an unnamed man who was named as an abuser. Compensation claims totalled £569,750, whilst legal costs were £732,500.

The cheque Gilbart-Smith paid RBWM MMi was seven figures. There is a strong possibility that RBWM received more money from Gilbart-Smith, than the £1,302,250 they eventually paid out in compensation and legal costs. If that is the case as I suspect it may well be, RBWM technically are paedophile pimps, as they would be guilty of making a profit from children being raped by Denham Gilbart-Smith.

2014 on 21st March 2014 DB visited his Maidenhead MP’s surgery and asked Theresa May what her policy would be, concerning the secret £1m paedophile hush payment made to RBWM with a gagging order to protect the man accused of raping a dozen or so young children. Mrs May avoided giving an answer which can clearly be seen in the below letter.

NOTE: This letter was written a few months before Mrs Mays now famous 2014 parliament speech on child abuse. Notice how in direct contradiction to Mrs May’s speech, she swerves answering DB’s concerns;

“we discussed your concerns”

“I appreciate your concerns” 

“I have raised this matter” 

“I noted the contents”

“In addition I have also raised this” 

“I hope this will be of use”

As Home secretary and after Mrs May’s famous 2014 speech, Mrs May has been asked the same question by Mike Thornton MP (09/01/15), Mimms, Davies MP (02/03/16), Norman Baker MP (03/03/15), Nick de Bois MP (2015), and John Redwood MP (10/03/15). The MP’s letters and dates can be seen in the journalist pack. Mrs May never answered any of the above MP’s.

2015 Mike Thornton MP received the below email from Christabel Shawcross MD of the RBWM council. Christabel Shawcroft amazingly breaches RBWM’s secret million pound contract by naming Gilbart-Smith as the man RBWM was accusing of raping numerous children in their care. Shawcroft then tells us that after RBWM MMi had compensated numerous rape victims of Gilbart-Smith, Gilbart-Smith reimbursed these costs to RBWM MMi.

I can tell you with 100% confidence, the payment made by Gilbart-Smith was seven figures. I wonder if Gilbart-Smith will sue RBWM for the return of his million pound paedophile payment, as RBWM are now clearly in breach of the legal terms of their 2008 paedophile deal.

As well as breaking the secret agreement, Christabel makes some very naive statements in light of the Home secretaries 2014 speech concerning paedophiles.

As a direct result of RBWM and MMi the insurers of BCC entering into a secret agreement with Gilbart-Smith RBWM MMi;

  1. Perverted any future criminal investigation as the police were no longer allowed to use the information contained in this now secret agreement.
  2. Perverted the course of justice as in any future court case this massive paedophile payment has to be kept a secret, so the facts can no longer be used as evidence.
  3. At the 2010 trial each prosecution witness was asked if they were aware that Gilbart-Smith had settled a claim out of court with RBWM. Each witness was warned by John Price Q.C. that if they mentioned this to the jury the case would be thrown out of court.

CHRISTABEL SHAWCROFT QUOTE: “At the time of the compensation claims Mr Gilbart-Smith was not subject to any criminal prosecution”.

MY RESPONSE: Exactly Miss Shawcroft! This is precisely why RBWM MMi should have given their files to the police to assist a criminal investigation instead entering into a SECRET agreement and hindering any future police investigation.

CHRISTABEL SHAWCROFT QUOTE: “Mr Affleck asks if RBWM had any duty of care to inform him of what arrangements were made with Mr Gilbart-Smith.

MY RESPONSE: RBWM as a public body has a duty of care to all of its constituents, regarding the morality of recieving a £1M secret hush payment, from the same man RBWM are suing for raping numerous children who were in the care of the council.

Yes Miss Shawcroft I really do believe you have a duty of care, as will the vast majority of the people that pay your salary.

CHRISTABEL SHAWCROFT 2015 QUOTE; “RBWM cannot comment on the advice provided by his legal advisers to Mr Affleck about the settlement”.

MY RESPONSE: How can my legal advisers, advise me when RBWM have entered into a SECRET agreement with a man that raped me when I was a ten year old kid? My legal advisers are no longer in a position to give me sound advice, due to the negligent actions of RBWM entering into a secret deal with a man they are suing and accusing of being a paedophile.

CHRISTABEL SHAWCROFT 2015 QUOTE: “normal legal process were followed in the course of settling these claims”.

MY RESPONSE: Entering into a SECRET deal with a man RBWM are suing for raping children in their care is not normal legal proceedings for a public body. Entering into a SECRET deal so a paedophile has control of a future police investigation and any subsequent court proceedings IS NOT NORMAL LEGAL PROCESS FOR A PUBLIC BODY!

Suing for the money is perfectly legal, BUT A SECRET PAEDOPHILE DEAL IS NOT NORMAL LEGAL PROCESS for a public body according  to Theresa May.

CHRISTABEL SHAWCROFT 2015 QUOTE: “agreeing to settle the matter out of court cannot be said to equate to accepting a bribe or is part of a cover up”.

MY RESPONSE: I agree 100% with Miss Shawcroft but by RBWM MMi entering into a secret agreement, this is tantamount to taking a bribe or being part of a cover up. The issue here is SECRET! Listen to what Mrs May has to say about secret deals.

2016 when Mrs May became Prime Minister I sent her the below letter.

You really couldn’t make this stuff up, it’s taken five years for the Home Office to advise me to complain to the council for receiving a £1M hush money payment from a man they are suing for being an active paedophile in one of the council run homes. Dear Mrs Newton, Should I also complain to Mr Gilbart-Smith for raping me when I was a ten year old kid?

Mrs May, recently with the Brexit negotiations, you have had a lot of practice making deals! As the MP for Maidenhead, in the light of your 2014 speech, can you please let me understand your policy regarding the secret £1m paedophile payment, made between Denham Gilbart-Smith & Maidenhead Council.

In the anticipation of your very late response,